Guidelines for Collaborations

Amovil is an independent website that collaborates with mobile technology manufacturers, app developers, researchers and telephone/wireless service providers in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • To keep the website’s database up to date.
  • To maintain Amóvil’s methodology for analysis updated.
  • To establish a collaborative network of experts and mobile technology users that contribute to keep Amóvil knowledgebase current.

Individuals and organizations are welcome to collaborate with Amóvil in any of the following ways:

Device lending

  • Most mobile devices that are analyzed by Amovil are lent by manufacturers, telephone/wireless service providers and other companies. Once the analysis is finished, all devices are returned to their owners via messenger service.
  • Amóvil will only accept and evaluate devices that are not in the database.
  • Amóvil will give priority to recently launched mobile devices. These devices will be highlighted at the upper portion of the website’s homepage. In addition, an article written both in English and Spanish summarizing the evaluation’s results will be posted on the news section and disseminated through social networks.
  • Older mobile devices that are not in the database will be analyzed as well, and posted on the homepage. However, Amóvil will not post an article about them.
  • As a rule, Amóvil does not accept gifts, and does not keep devices lent by companies for analysis permanently. Notwithstanding, some exceptions apply. If a device offers features and updates that are important to the project, Amovil may ask for the permanent cession of a device if the lending organization agrees.
  • All accessibility reports will be based solely on the findings obtained in analysis performed by its team.
  • Amovil analyzes mobile phones (cell phones), smartphones and tablets as well as mobile apps and assistive devices. Devices such as computers (including their operating systems and software), iPods, e-books and land phones are not considered for analysis.

Mobile applications cession and evaluation

  • Amovil will accept and analyze at no cost mobile applications that are already available for downloading. These applications can be either for free or for purchase.
  • Although priority is given to applications specifically designed for persons with disabilities and the elderly, apps made for other groups are also taken into consideration for analysis.
  • An article written both in English and Spanish summarizing the app evaluation’s results will be posted on the news section and disseminated through the social networks.

Article submissions

  • Individuals and organizations are welcomed to collaborate with Amovil by submitting articles or any other information on accessibility to ICT’s, such as research papers, testimonials on working or dealing with accessible technology, user experience reports, etc.
  • Any article or information submitted by collaborators will be posted on Amóvil’s blog section or might be used for internal purposes, for example, to improve and update the knowledgebase and the methodology, etc.
  • Articles may be written either in Spanish or English. English-language articles will always be translated into Spanish. However, articles submitted in Spanish will be translated into English only if the topic is considered of interest to international readers.
  • Articles should be about any topic related to accessible mobile technology (operating systems, applications, assistive technologies, user experience, etc.).
  • Amovil does not accept submissions on any of the following topics:
    • Accessible technology designed for computers (laptops, notebooks and PCs), including operating systems and software.
    • iPods, land phones and e-books.
    • Telephone and wireless service provider practices (rates, payment plans, etc.).
    • Disputes between competitors (i.e. Apple vs. Samsung).
    • Rumors.
  • Articles will display the author byline. However, previous registration at the website is required.
  • Amóvil may ask for permission to reproduce and translate into Spanish articles posted elsewhere that could be of interest for the website's readers. Information provided in these articles will be maintained and referenced "as is". They will not be edited in any way, and proper reference citations will be included. However, Amóvil is not responsbile for the content and accuracy of the information provided.


  • Individuals and organizations are welcomed to collaborate with Amovil by helping translate content written by the website’s team into other languages.
  • All documents might be translated into any of the official languages of Spain (Catalan, Basque, and Galician) or any European language, preferably, English, French, Portuguese, Italian and German.
  • Amóvil reserves the right to decide whether a translation work submitted by external collaborators is posted, and to edit the content for the purpose of spelling, clarity and accuracy of terms used.