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On this site we will be sharing articles about accessibility and mobile technology to keep you updated with the latest trends in accessible technologies. The topics to be discussed are the following:

1. Mobile devices accessibility features assessments. While users can use our expert assistant to identify and learn about mobiles and their available accessibility features, we will be offering summaries of our assessments in order to the enhance information provided to users.

2. Assistive devices assessments: We will be offering analyses of the different services provided by a variety of assistive devices in order to enhance mobile devices accessibility.

3. Mobile device services assessments: We will be sharing our assessments of a variety of services available from mobile devices and their accessibility in order to accurately inform about existing wireless opportunities for people with disabilities, senior citizens and other groups in risk of exclusion.

4. Mobile technology for users. We will be inviting people with disabilities, senior citizens and other special needs groups to collaborate with our blog and tell us their experience with mobile technology.

5. Accessibility requirements: We will be posting articles about accessibility requirements explaining why it is important for manufacturers to consider accessibility when designing mobile technology. We will also provide information about users who will be benefiting from their products and about mobiles devices that comply with these requirements.

While most of the articles posted on this site will be authored by Amóvil’s team, we will also be including features written by collaborators and guest authors. In order to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge, all posting will be available in Spanish and English.

We gladly encourage you to post comments, propose topics for future posts and contribute with an article that meets the objectives of this blog site.

Thank you for reading us.

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